The ability to preserve morale, good will, and employer reputation during employee separations is the cornerstone of a well-designed severance program and offboarding process.

Much consideration is given to the onboarding and retention phases of the employee / employer relationship, but often the separation phase is given far less attention. Whether due to a layoff, reduction in force, performance termination, or some other event, managing employee separations can be challenging and can easily turn for the worse, leaving the employee with a negative perception of the company.

In an age where disgruntled employees can and do turn to public online review sites where prospective employees are sure to visit before an interview, organizations cannot afford to take their separation and off-boarding processes lightly.

At TSI, it is our mission to support our clients with design, development and administration of off-boarding processes which leave the separated employees feeling whole, respected, and acknowledged for the contributions they made during their employment.

Each step of a TSI-designed offboarding process is carefully considered from the perspective of the employee experience, and crafted to provide the most positive experience possible.

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