Severance Consulting from Transition Services delivers a complete set of services which ensures severance and off-boarding programs are current with best practices, maintain goodwill with employees, mitigate legal risk, and reduce unnecessary costs in today’s highly competitive market. TSI’s consulting services cover all aspects of the separation and offboarding processes, including plan design, termination processes, compliance, communication planning and administration of the best, most appropriate program for an organization and its employees.

We provide expert advice to our clients on the full scope of the off-boarding process, delivering guidance and seamless administrative services through challenging circumstances, while maintaining employee goodwill and the employer reputation.

  • Begin each engagement with a full-scope severance and off-boarding program audit and assessment focused on improving the employee experience and identifying opportunities for administrative and cost inefficiencies.
  • Design program structure, develop detailed process flows and necessary documentation, including the Summary Plan Description (SPD), Release and Waiver, HR Communication, and Employee Information, ensuring efficiency, clarity and ease of use for HR Managers and Plan Participants.
  • Identify and discuss strategies to manage employee perceptions and maintain the employer brand during layoffs and reductions in force.

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