Severance Program Implementation from Transition Services is an industry-best severance management solution designed to help organizations seamlessly and efficiently process employee terminations, whether for a single event or a reduction in force, with minimal disturbance to the existing workforce. Our programs are designed to maintain both employee goodwill and the employer reputation.

Each severance program designed and implemented by TSI is given the utmost care and consideration to ensure the perfect fit for our clients’ specific needs, values, concerns and goals.

Our skilled team of severance and HR experts have extensive experience in all aspects of implementing a new Severance Program, from stakeholder buy-in to employee rollout. Types of programs TSI manages include:

  • Supplemental Unemployment Benefits Programs
  • Reductions-In-Force (RIF)
  • Retention Programs for Temporary Furloughs
  • Traditional Severance Programs
  • Communication Planning and HR Training
  • Career Transition Services for Separated Employees

By employing our full-service, customizable separation benefits program, TSI will partner with your organization every step of the way to build a successful program that achieves your business goals while supporting and promoting good will with your exiting employees.

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